5 More Ways to Rig a Senko – How to Fish – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques


How to fish a senko five more ways. The senko is one of the most popular bass fishing lures in the world. These tips and techniques will improve your catch rate when using a senko or any other soft plastic stick bait.

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ZMan Finesse Shroomz – http://bit.ly/2mXfaZWShroomz
Nail weight – http://bit.ly/2n7oStrNailweight
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  1. Hey Gene and Ryan: The great EWG vs SS debate you touched on: I think you said/agreed that the EWG through-then-back hidden hook point reveals with LESS fish force than does the straight shank in-not-through hidden hook point? If so, does it not stand to reason that the former (EWG…) will more easily CATCH fish than the latter (SS…)?

  2. Ryan why did you let the big one off the hook? Looking forward to trying these rigs out. PB 2.5

  3. My favorite way to fish it is waky rigged with a vary small split shot about 2 inches below it or just waky rigged my biggest fish on that is 6 ibs 3 oz

  4. Instead of a traditional way of tying a Carolina rig with a swivel and beads and all that, I just weightless Texas rig my soft plastic and then use a bullet weights rubber grip sinker about 16in or so up the line. It works fine for me and takes seconds to tie/rig.

  5. What is that noise in the background of your videos from your cave? It sounds like a train going by or a dog running on a hollow floor.

  6. i started fishing the senko kinda late last season and so far my biggest is 3lbs 8oz. I just use the weightless Texas rig. It definitely put fish on the shore that I probably wouldn't have caught otherwise

  7. One of the best channels to watch on YouTube. Learned so much watching your vidz. Keep it coming ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  8. Love these videos because they are simple and because senkos are great baits to catch bass easily they are great to show to someone fairly new to bass fishing.

  9. Is that little speck around Genes chin driving anyone else nuts?!?!?.. ๐Ÿ˜‹ good video otherwise though ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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