Kayak Bass Fishing: 100 POUND CHALLENGE


For 2017, I am challenging myself to lose 100 Pounds and catch 10 Largemouth Bass over 10 pounds in one year.

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I am calling out my good friends Gene Jensen, Jim Sammons and Dave from 22Plinkster to Challenge themselves as well.

Gene (Flukemaster):


Jim (Kayak Fishing Tales):


Dave (22Plinkster):


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  1. I heard that the term vegetarian, was an ancient Indian word for "bad hunter", … no, you go ahead there youngin', lose that 100 lbs., & I'll try to lose 40 lbs., … the darn meds I'm on might not let me lose weight, … but if I can overcome my chronic pain, then I know you can lose your 100 lbs, & achieve, your goal, … good luck, as yes, you will need it, … it is like the guy that posted earlier says, @ 1st you will lose a lot of weight quickly, but then you will start to reach a plateau weight, … because your body will begin to start making muscle, & this is where the real battle in weight loss begins, … because your body will be screaming "feeeed meeee!!!" And your weight will be the same, … and you will get disgusted with the whole regime, … but if you stay with it, watch your carbs, & intake allowances, … you can really lose this weight, … hoping to see you this spring on Lake Guntersville, … March/ April timeline, if I can swing it, …

  2. I was skinny as a rail in High School. At 24 I started packing on the pounds. I will do the challenge too! Chickamauga lake here I come for 10 pound bass! Good by sugar drinks. Only drink water. Water alone will make you lose weight.

  3. Great idea and was just telling my buddy Yak Man I need to drop that 50 lb sack of potatoes I carry around. Make the yak a little faster besides the health benefits

  4. Good luck with the weight loss! The most effective way to reach your weight loss goal is through your diet. It sucks but you're gonna have to count macro nutrients (you could use a fitness app like MyFitnessPal) and try your best to cut simple carbs like rice, bread, potatoes, beans, etc

  5. great idea Chad. I doubt I will catchv100 lbs of fish but I'm going for the 2020 challenge just to have motivation to drop 20#. nothing but water and portion control to start. god luck tight lines

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