Lightning and Bass Fishing… Never Stop Tour Ep. 3


Yes, we know…We are idiots. Fishing in a lightning storm was not the best or the brightest decision we have ever made but it turned out to be completely worth it (still doesn’t make it right). Our first encounter of Mille Lacs was more the successful and worth the long haul drive the night before. Thanks so much for watching we hope you enjoyed Part 3 of the Never Stop Tour.

Edited, produced, and Filmed by — Badfish
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  1. everything about this trip is epic. great footage, great fishing, great food. unbelievable guys, job b…
    keep up the great work!!

  2. Hey jon quick question. Whats like the full set up of line do you use on your spinning rod? like Braid? flouro? and what connection knot?

  3. I know this, obviously they are fishing other lakes, so they shouldn't miss a fresh walleye shore lunch if regs allow.

  4. if you ever see your line rise from the water dont cut it because it will be the center of the lightning strike

  5. Great change! Lenses def noticed…lots of short focals and great boca. Nice balance. 1 year from now you might see it was x. re-visit it later. Over-all, fantastic!!!!

  6. You guys have some serious balls, you wouldn't catch me dead on a lake if I saw weather like that so close

  7. That's dangerous as fuck. You need to get off the water with that type of static. Lightning can strike up to miles away from the storm itself!

  8. I love this!! But for real who was the stupid one who decided to make the vids only 10-15 minutes long

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