Spooling Shark Fishing Reels


It was time to put new line on our shark reels. Bullbuster sent us 200lb braid and 200lb monofilament. We spooled two 130 Duels (12/0w) with 700yds of 200lb braid with a 200lb monofilament topshot. Josh likes to fill his shark reels with 2/3 braid and 1/3 monofilament.

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  1. You shouldn't use electrical tape or any kind of tape as water can settle and sit beneath it and being to corrode the reel

  2. Hello BlacktipH, the video said 2/3 braid on bottom with 1/3 of mono on top. Do you do the same for Spinning reels, or do you put mono first and then top it with braid?, or just braid all the way?

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