Spring Bass Fishing and Making of the How To Series: Liquid Livin #9


Travis and the crew take you guys behind the scenes of the latest LTB video (How to fish for Spring Bass) with the V&M Flat and Wild. Watch as the crew heads out on one of AZ’s most beautiful fisheries to capture fish catches, underwater footage and drone shots.

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  1. Again Travis great job! I live in Michigan so the fishing is a little different than what you do. I fish natural lakes mainly large mouth and clear water. I've been fishing 55 years and still enjoy learning new things thanks.

  2. great video thanks sir. could I ask a question. how could I get a signed hat for a non prophet kids fishing group to be giving away to a kid who's dream is to fish for living I'm trying to get up to 30 different fishermen and I need lady fisherladys bad can't find none to help. but I'm trying to gather 50 hats of atleast 20 to 30 different jobs. fishermen Dr dentist judge cop sales men for fishing and hunting which I have. got mountain man. got shaw grisby Scott Martin I got some great guys. but July gonna get here fast. I'm trying to sell my NASCAR collecting to get more fishing gear rods reels so be glad when yard sales get up and going. I've been doing this 10 years. I have yard sales all year when I'm not sick. may have to quit getting to hard to set up and year down without help. but me and my daughter she's 16 we been doing it long time. 12 weekends in the summer we go out Fri night come home Sunday to get to church. but sat we fish with many kids and give out free rods reels and tackle every weekend. if my boat gets fixed I'll be taking family's out Sunday on free fishing trip new family every Sunday all summer. but need lots of prayers for that one having trouble with starter and just fixed the fuel pump. so 2 months to fix it but message me let me no how to get hats signed by difrent fishermen. and pictures if possible. the kids will pick the hat that matches what they want to be so being we're fishing most want to go pro. glad I got 5 pro hats signed need more them to. but there really busy. and if my funds come in I'll need to order the boxes praying​ 2 or 3 being we give to over 100 kids a year. 2 lures and 1 to 2 bags of plastics. but don't no if y'all read post. I wrote alot only get answered well not much. but the group's been on FB 2 years just made a diffrent one so people can like not join. yea messed up the first one. but got blessed with many donation the first year for the summer. and I do no ask for free I try to buy or trade being I'm disabled not much money but I'll sell anything of mine to buy something to give a kid to bring a smile. but thanks good vidoe then donkeys that was weird and cool. well have a great week. god bless.

  3. This video is actually going to really help me in the making of my videos, thank you for showing how it's done. Although I already do a lot of the things you talked about I still learned a lot.

  4. Another great vid! Unfortunately, most bass here in central Florida are all post spawn. We did catch some giants this year tho!

  5. Man you are a pro that was nothin but skill, that was awasom I knew you were going to make it, he'll ya a nother great viedo Travis man and yes a great way to end the viedo with a faty awasom injoy look for word to here from ya

  6. TRAVIS!!!!! Dude, #1- I knew you could make it to the boat (but if you didn't I was sure the drone that went overboard in one of your last videos would surely fly OUT of the water and gently move the boat to you). #2 – Can you please say what drone you are using now? It's not in your description. #3 – Of course I voted you would catch a fish to end the video. NOT a doubt in my mind. I was Only surprised it was not bigger!!! lol Nice Video and GREAT Fish. Tight Lines and Happy Times!

  7. Hey love the lucky tackle box and I got all this months complete is there any way I can get sponsored I can shout you out and spread the word of lucky tackle box

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