Why You Don’t Catch Big Bass

how to catch huge bass
Courtesy Florida Fish and Wildlife

Six Simple truths to get you into hawg heaven!
If you follow these six principles this could be the year that you land a true trophy largemouth.

What is the criteria for a “trophy” largemouth bass? Although anglers and writers often set 10 pounds as the benchmark, you don’t have to use that definition. In fact, where you live  may dictate a different goal – don’t set a trophy target you’ll never reach. In northern waters, where fish grow slower and rarely achieve double-digit size, a 6-pounder is a fish to be revered. And in some central states, an 8-pounder is equal to a Deep South 10-pounder. But even though the term “trophy” is relative, big bass act pretty much the same anywhere. With that in mind, here are some guidelines for catching them:


People who consistently catch big bass often fish only for big bass. They don’t get bored by not regularly catching something and are patient, very patient. It doesn’t matter to them that other anglers are pounding the shoreline and landing 10 or 15 small bass in a day. Big bass devotees don’t lose confidence and stay focused on their goal. This attitude is simple to describe, but not always easy to achieve.