Winter Worm Fishing For Bass: Shaky Heads and a NEW Rig!


Shaky Heads are a great way to catch bass throughout the year but there is a new way to rig your soft plastics for Winter Bass Fishing! Check out this video for a dual approach to catching bass in cold water.

The Gear Shown In This Video…

Tim’s Favorite Rods…
G Loomis IMX 7’1″ Medium:
Dobyns 743 Spinning:

Matt’s Favorite Rod…
G Loomis NRX 852 JWR:

Price Point Rod…
Shimano Zodias 7′ Medium Light:

Scott Canterbury Shaky Head:
Finesse Stand Up Head:
Owner Shaky Head:
Pivot Point Football:
Zodiac Wacky Head:

Zoom Trick Worm:
Netbait T-Mac:
Roboworm 6″ Fat Worm:
Yamamoto Cut Tail:
Zoom Magnum Trick Worm:
Hag’s Tornado Bait:

Favorite Scale:
Favorite Camera:
Favorite Net:

The Free Swinging Wacky Rig is a new bass fishing technique that you probably haven’t heard of. We combine either a Dirty Jigs or Freedom Tackle jighead where the head and the hook are loosely connected. Paired with a plastic worm you get incredible action that will catch the most pressured bass.

When the bite is wide open stick to the shaky head but when the fishing gets tough or the water gets cold and you’re wondering how to catch a bass, try this wacky rig method.

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  1. Awesome vid! I have the grande bass rattlesnakes and I think they are identical to the the hag tornado. Will they work just as well?

  2. I was curious if you guys have a preference of worms with a scent in cold water since the floating worms aren't salted or doesn't seem to matter?

  3. Shaky head are a go to for me for smallies up here, 2 worms I really like is the Zman finesse worm, on that Owner head with a drop of super glue I may go through 4-6 worms a day smashing 30+ smallies. The other but way more brittle is the Gulp Alive floating nightcrawler, works really nice and extremely buoyant. My rod of choice so far is a 7'4" Fenwick EliteTech Smallmouth, medium power, extra fast action, casts a mile and sensitive enough to feel to small bites.

    Nice video again guys! Tight lines!

  4. Man big ups to you guys. Love your channel and the informative delivery. Thanks for all y'all do and keep up the good work!

  5. Another great one guys but i dont use alot of Dobyn's or G Loomis so id like to know the power and action that tends to work best in certain situations. For example most spinning rods ive seen for shakey heads are medium power & extra fast action or a fast action so which is better. Stuff like that i would like u guys to be detailed on describing powers and actions instead of just saying the 835cb, etc.. And i dont think u guys have made a video in full detail of rods actions and powers for jerkbaits, frogging, dropshot, cranking, etc. which powers and actions are best for certain techniques?? Id love to see a video all about bass fishing rods. Thanks and god bless

  6. I never really fished the shakey head. I have tried but I never really got any bites on it. I was using some cheap brand of shakey lead head, and using a Zoom trick worm. Any ideas on how to improve the bite ratio? Thanks guys

  7. great video guys, you have a lot of information for us novice anglers to use and to try to put more fish upto shore. I have a question, we recently had the massive storm come through here in California as you guys saw. the lake I fish here in the South Bay area have become muddy and cold. what do you recommend using to fishing those conditions and where would I start fishing to find fish? again thanks guys for your knowledge

  8. Have you try or seen Big Bite Baits Squirrel tail worm? I plan on using them for my shaky head fishing this year.

  9. Awesome tips again guys. I can't wait til spring. My lake shuts down in the winter. Just can't buy a bite. Nobody can.

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